Injection moulding and extrusion

Moulded parts are manufactured from thermoplastic moulding compounds in small and medium-sized batches in the injection moulding production division. The injection moulds are provided by the customer in the majority of cases.

PE, PP, PVDF, ABS, PC, PA injection mouldings and their modifications (e.g. including a proportion of glass, etc.) are primarily involved. Finished parts, semi-finished parts and blanks are produced for further machining. Use of our broad range of machines and, most importantly, the large injection moulding machines is valued highly among tool and die makers and design companies when it comes to validation and test series.

The injection moulds are generally provided by the customer. However, a combination of injection moulding and the mould itself can be offered together. Simple moulds can, where necessary, be manufactured in our company. In the event of our options proving inadequate, cooperation with competent mould makers in the vicinity can be arranged. Maintenance and repairs of moulds can be realised in our company.

13 injection moulding machines with a clamping force ranging from 400KN to 8000KN and a max. shot weight (PE) of 6kg are available.

Extrusion currently focuses on the production of larger, thick-walled PE and PP tubes with a diameter of up to 800mm and sections (e.g. rectangular box sections and U-sections).