Machining plastic

Injected moulded parts and semi-finished products such as sheets, solid rods and tubes made of thermoplastics are machined through sawing, drilling, cutting, milling or planing in individual or serial production in the machining production division. The achievement of a good result when machining plastics requires a lot of experience and the appropriate tools. 

Plastic turned parts made of PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, PA, POM, PETP, PTFE or PEEK.

Plastic milled parts made of PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, PA, POM.
Plastic sheet machining in PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, PA, POM, PMMA, PC up to 4000x2000mm.

Comprehensive, versatile machinery is available, including:

CNC machining centres:

  • x3000 y1200 z1000 mm, with Heidenhain control, manually pivoted spindle head
  • x1144   y636   z609 mm, with Siemens control
  • x750   y400   z450 mm, with Heidenhain control

CNC portal milling centre:

  • x4200 y2200   z100 mm, with Heidenhain control, for sheet machining, with vacuum clamping fixture, chip material extractor and 15KW spindle.

KREWEMA cycle-controlled half-frontal lathes with an motorised adjustable upper bed, maximum swing diameter 1600mm x ca. 1000mm,  turning diameter 620 x 5000mm turning length. FAGOR control.