Production to customer specs

Manufacture of components, assemblies or complete designs to suit individual customer requirements.

  1. Manufacturing according to customer production drawing and specifications of all relevant features, with material supplied by the customer where appropriate.
  2. Manufacturing according to customer component drawing and customer specifications with realisation details supplied by Breuer.
  3. Manufacturing according to customer specifications or samples with complete compilation of drawings by Breuer.
  4. Manufacturing according to recorded customer requirements with planning, development and documentation by Breuer.

Examples of fabricated components and designs realised to customer specifications:

  • Rope pulleys
  • Special fittings
  • Large nozzles
  • Workpiece holders
  • Impact protection sheets, slide rails
  • Filter housings, dirt traps, screen baskets
  • Pump flanges, pump impellers, pump housings
  • Gas scrubbers, CO2 degassing towers, nozzle lances
  • Vapour condensers
  • Inclined separators, settling tanks
  • Filter columns
  • Dirt traps, screen basket filters, screen baskets
  • Grease and oil separators
  • Special containers (round containers, rectangular containers, trays)
  • Neutralisation systems, metering systems, batching tanks, flocculation tanks, reaction tanks
  • Plating tanks, pickling tanks, treatment baths, continuous pickling lines, tunnel pickling lines, rinsing baths, degreasing baths
  • Etching machines
  • Bent discharge pipes for tank wagons  Sand and gravel slides
  • Special moulded parts
  • Ventilation ducts, weather protection grilles, rain traps, louvre dampers, exhaust air stacks
  • Silencers for exhaust air systems
  • Edge suction systems, extraction hoods
  • Metering systems, dissolving stations
  • Static mixers, mixing elements
  • Machine covers
  • Filling equipment
  • Special process engineering devices
  • Flanges
  • Spraying booths, coating booths
  • Flotation systems
  • Housings with collection trays
  • Coating booths