Process technology for liquids

Helmut Breuer GmbH supplies individual chemically resistant components or complete systems for conveying, storage and handling of liquids for industrial applications.

  • PP, PE, PVC and PVDF pipework
  • Process tanks for manufacturing, treatment and usage systems, round or angular design
  • Round tanks: BREUER chemical tank type CBR
  • Rectangular tanks: BREUER chemical tank type CBE
  • Special tank designs: BREUER chemical tank type CBS
  • Storage tanks and collection trays for storage, filling and handling systems: BREUER chemical tanks type CBL
  • Collection trays, drip trays
  • Container equipment such as flat or conical roofs, inclined bases, conical bases, nozzles, lifting eyelets, immersion tubes, baffles, inspection openings and manholes, hinged covers, snap-on lids, agitator traverses, bag infeeds, filling level indicators, heating systems, etc.
  • Measuring and safety equipment such as overfill protection and leakage monitoring systems, level measuring systems, pH measuring systems
  • Filters and dirt traps. Plastic screen basket filters
  • Metering stations, metering units
  • Brominator type dissolving tanks for dissolving water chemicals in bypass under pipe system pressure in sizes GL20, GL60, GL100, GL140, GL3672.
  • Tank farm with filling station, chemical supply
  • Sampling systems, splash guard
  • Acid demisters, absorption vessels
  • CO2 degassing towers, stripping columns
  • Provision of chemical centrifugal pumps, chemical immersion pumps, pneumatic diaphragm pumps made of plastic
  • Provision of valves, pipes and fittings made of plastic

BREUERliquidcare is a plant system for the storage and handling of liquids that are hazardous for water.

BREUERliquidcare tank plants  made of plastic serve to the storage of chemicals, the supply of process systems with fresh chemicals or to collect and storage used chemicals from process systems and represents an integral system of tanks, pipings, pumps, valves, measurement systems, control systems and safety devices.

Please, take a look into our product brochure (in german language) BREUERliquidcare

system components

• tanks and tubs
• filling stations
• pumps
• double wall piping
• valves
• safety devices
• leak monitoring
• fill level monitoring
• control units


  • storage
  • withdrawal
  • distribution
  • mixing
  • dose
  • filling
  • collecting
  • pumping